Ways to get people traveling again

According to a study by Allianz, 58% of respondents said they would feel safe traveling again with an effective vaccine.  Not surprising, an effective vaccine was more important to those over the age of 65 as compared to those under age 45.  Cleanliness and enhanced safety precautions are other areas travelers want to see travel providers (hotels and airlines) take seriously. And in an effort … Continue reading Ways to get people traveling again

Dating in a pandemic world

For many, finding love during a pandemic has been very difficult.  But if you did find someone, it may have helped to bring you and your partner closer more quickly.  Not since the advent of online dating has one single event impacted the dating world as much as the pandemic.  In a study of 2,000 Americans 63% surveyed feel dating will forever be altered.  This … Continue reading Dating in a pandemic world

The truth about mask effectiveness on airplanes

We all know the pandemic hit the airline industry hard this year.  Fear of being in an enclosed space for hours with a potentially infected person next to you is real.  In June, airlines mandated masks with the hope of encouraging people to fly again.  But do masks in airplanes really work?  Studies say – YES! Various studies conducted appear to reach the same conclusion.  … Continue reading The truth about mask effectiveness on airplanes

What TWO items you should really sanitize daily

When the pandemic began in March, little was known about the virus or primary modes of transmission.  So many of us wiped down everything that we came into contact with or brought into our homes.  Groceries.  Take out food.  Mail.  Packages.  But the medical community has since learned that the primary mode of transmission is airborne droplets from an infected person. Heading into cooler months, … Continue reading What TWO items you should really sanitize daily

establishing covid-19 boundaries

Establishing Covid-19 Boundaries

Learn how to set your personal COVID-19 boundaries.  And how to make plans while respecting others’ boundaries at the same time.  Setting boundaries in different areas of our lives is important and helps keep us safe.  Add in a pandemic and you need to establish another set of boundaries.  Here are some steps to follow when establishing and enforcing COVID-19 boundaries: Determine your boundaries – … Continue reading Establishing Covid-19 Boundaries