Offices are still empty

Are you still working from home offices?  It seems you are not alone.  As of mid-November, only 25% of people had returned to their offices.  While this is higher than the lowest point in April of less than 15%, it is down slightly from October, which reported 27% occupancy. This decline in office use is also impacting the residential market of many of the big … Continue reading Offices are still empty

Remote workers growing tired of remote working?

For years, working from home was considered a job perk many people wanted from their employers.  Now, after being home for so long, many remote workers are eager to get back into the office.  What’s behind this change in attitude? Yep.  It’s true.  We always want what we can’t have.  For a while, working from home was what many office workers dreamed of.  But it … Continue reading Remote workers growing tired of remote working?