Trending travel destinations for 2021

Conde Nast Traveler assembled a list of the trending travel destinations for 2021 based on top internet searches.  Most of these locations share common traits: sun, sand, and seclusion. 11.  The Maldives – While you can’t drive there, the volume of flights have increased and the island is open to all travelers who produce a negative PCR (nasal swab) test taken 72 hours prior to … Continue reading Trending travel destinations for 2021

The changing face of travel

There is a lot of talk about HOW travel is going to change post pandemic.  One segment of travel that has taken a significant hit is business travel. For the month of April, one travel organization estimated that 92% of its members weren’t traveling domestically.  And that number climbed to 98% internationally.  Leisure travel, especially those destinations that are easily accessed by car, are the … Continue reading The changing face of travel

The demand for travel in 2021

Are you dreaming about that trip you can FINALLY take in 2021?  Yep, you and just about everyone else in the US and Canada.  According to a new study conducted by World Travel & Tourism Council, 99% of people surveyed are “eager to travel again.”  Here are a few facts and figures: 70% stated they aren’t only dreaming about taking a trip but in fact, … Continue reading The demand for travel in 2021

Mountains or beach?

Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Do you know what your preference says about your personality?  Read on to learn… I’m writing this post while at the beach while on vacation for our kids’ fall break.  Most vacations these days are determined by where you can drive to, and for us, the beach is a five-hour drive from Atlanta.  Truth be told, … Continue reading Mountains or beach?